Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Lenovo to replace Vibe brand smartphones with Lemon series and Motorola brands

China-based vendor Lenovo has announced plans to replace its Vibe brand mid-range and high-end smartphones with its Lemon series and Motorola branding products, according to a China-based report.

In the future, Lenovo will market smartphones under Lemon and Motorola brands, respectively, in the China market, said the report, citing Chen Xudong, president of Lenovo's Mobile Business Group.

Under the new strategy, smartphones under Motorola brand will target the CNY1,500-5,000 (US$235-783) segment, while Lemon brand products will target the sub-CNY3,000 segment, said the report.

The vendor will launch Lemon K-series models priced at CNY600-1,000 and below, and Lemon X-series products priced at over CNY2,000, the report added.

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