Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Mi Air Purifier 2 launched in China

Xiaomi have also launched the Mi Air Purifier 2, the sequel to their first attempt at helping people breathe cleaner, the Mi Air Purifier. However, in terms of raw air cleaning power, the new model appears to fall short of the previous version, but not by a lot.

Second-gen purifier outputs clean air in two modes, measuring a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 330 m3/h of clean air in standard mode and 388 m3/h of clean air in active mode, both of which are lower than the original Mi Air Purifier’s 406 m3/h. Cleaning range is also lower at up to 46.6 m2 of cleaning range, compared to the first-gen’s 48 m2 of effective coverage.

It can also be attributed to the device’s single-motor, dual-fan setup versus its predecessor’s dual-motor, 4-air-duct engine. Despite that though, it boasts the ability to remove 99.7% of PM2.5 particles in just one hour, thanks to its triple filter setup.

This isn’t to say that this new kid on the block is worse than its predecessor, because in every other aspect the sequel is an improvement. First off it is much smaller and lighter, measuring 240x240x520 mm versus the old air purifier’s 260x260x735 mm. It is also 58% more energy efficient and 11% quieter, weighing in at only 30db in Night mode.With the price of the Mi Air Purifier 2 set at RMB699 (around RM463), it is also much cheaper than the RMB899 (around RM596) Mi Air Purifer


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