Tuesday, December 01, 2015

iPhone 6c With Multi Color Metal Case leaked ,could launch in February

iPhone 6c has leaked again and we’ve been hearing about it even before the iPhone 6s was launched

The iPhone 6c will come with a 4 inch screen, a metal body that’s colourful and a general design format borrowed from the iPhone 6. Judging by the image below, there’s a fingerprint scanner, since we’ve got a ring around the Home button.

The Hon Hai group is the source of some of the info, or better said a division group. They confirmed the device is real, has a 4 inch screen and a colorful metal body. Production and orders haven’t started yet, but rumors talk about a debut in February.

5.12.15- iPhone 7c Might Be Announced in February

Apple plans to unveil a 4-inch device called iPhone 7c, and not iPhone 6c as initially rumored on the web. From the information revealed, it seems that the Cupertino-based company will announced this device in February next year, a timeline specially chosen in order to not concur to the iPhone 7 launch from September.

Ming-Chi Kuo, a KGI Securities analyst suggest the same thing. According to him, Apple will indeed launch such a phone, one with Apple A9 processor, 2.5D glass, NFC, 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera and 8-megapixel rear camera sensor. Apparently, we’ll have 2 or 3 different color options, and a metallic case.

The price of this new smartphone could place between $400 – $500


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