Friday, December 18, 2015

Patented Xiaomi Drone Could Be Controlled Via Its Mi Band

Rumors about a new Xiaomi drone for the past few months. Now, new patent documents reveal a few details about the company’s drone in development. The patent was filed by the company back in August.

The Xiaomi drone could be connected to Xiaomi’s own Mi Band wearable. Once connected, the user can perform simple gestures like a flick of a wrist to control the UAV. For instance, in one of the images, we see that a user riding a bike is performing some gestures to send some command to the drone above. Our guess is that the gesture could be a signal for the drone to hover above the user on the bike and start shooting a video.

Drone would be connected to the wearable wirelessly, and you’d be able to control it by performing various gestures. In one of the images, you can even see a person riding a bike, and the drone is flying above him, which is probably some sort of a pre-set command or something. Now, we can consider this news to be somewhat confirmed considering it was published by an official body, but who knows if it will get released. We’ll just have to wait and see what does Xiaomi plan to do with this, but if this document is any indication, we’re in for a rather interesting 2016 as far as this China-based company is concerned. Anyhow, it is also worth mentioning that there were some rumors a while back which indicated that Xiaomi’s upcoming drone might cost around 999 Yuan, which translates to $154.

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