Wednesday, January 13, 2016

LeTV launches new logo & New band LeEco

Letv, one of the popular Chinese brands, yesterday announced its new brand identity – LeEco at an event in China at its Global Brand Upgrade press conference under the theme of A New Eco World. It also introduced a new brand logo for the Le Ecosystem and its seven sub-ecosystems.

Regarding the design of the new logo and its future plans for global expansion, LeEco, said:The new logo consists of the letters “L” and “E”, conveying the quintessence of the Le Eco world with its simple and elegant design. The four strokes which comprise “LE” each represent one of the four tiers of the Le Ecosystem – Platform, Content, Device and Application. The dot formed by the overlapping of two strokes symbolizes the pivot of the entire ecosystem: EUI and Le Fans. The connection and interaction between the letters “L” and “E” expresses the LeEco spirit of constant disruption, breaking boundaries and eco synergy. The three colors of blue, red and green plus the all-inclusive color of grey represent the integration of technology, culture and the Internet within the Le Ecosystem.

LeEco’s new logo, the result of many rounds of revision and refinement, consists of the letters “L” and “E”, conveying the quintessence of the Le Eco world in a simple and elegant design. Since its establishment, the LeEco company has undergone three logo changes, each time disrupting the traditional industry while transforming itself. The current upgrade of the Le Ecosystem brand means that LeEco is looking beyond the Chinese domestic market to compete with global Fortune 500 giants such as Apple, Amazon and Netflix and is ready to make disruptive changes on the global scale.

Regarding LeEco’s strategic goal of globalization, Ablikim Ablimit, Le Holdings’ Vice President of Strategy, said:The word “TV” has been eliminated from all sub-ecosystem logos, showing that LeEco has fully grown from a video website in 2004 into a full-featured “eco world” integrating Platform, Content, Device and Application. After the full implementation of LeEco’s seven sub-ecosystems in 2015, LeEco’s strategic focus in 2016 will be on globalization, global open ecosystem, and achieving perfect synergy among the sub-ecosystems.

LeEco’s strategic goal of globalization is to not only make its products available in major global markets but also bring its entire ecosystem to major regions and countries of the world, and provide the ultimate experience and superior value to users in those countries and regions. LeEco’s strategic priorities in this regard are countries and regions with huge potential for breakthrough innovation or with high-speed growth such as the U.S. and India. Meanwhile, it will also keep on expanding in Southeast Asia markets including Hong Kong

LeEco also launched the new 65-inch Super TV X65, which breaches the RMB 5,000 price threshold of mainstream 65-inch 4K smart TVs and leads the market into the RMB 4,999 era. The RMB 4,999 price of the Super TV X65 is below its BOM cost of RMB 5,428.67, with the difference of nearly RMB 430 per unit being subsidized by the Le Ecosystem. LeEco is thus leading a new era of negative profit for devices, which will have a huge impact on the 60+ inch Smart TV market.

In addition to a giant 65-inch 4K UHD panel, the Super TV X65 features 4K smart TV Mstar 6A928 SoC, quad-core 1.4GHz processor, a flagship quad-core Mali T760 GPU, 3GB RAM and 16GB flash, and supports 60fps H.265/HEVC 4K hardware decoding. The Super TV X65 which combines “ultimate technology, comprehensive ecosystem and disruptive price” is set to raise a new wave of large-screen TV popularization.

LeEco announced that the Super TV X65 will be officially available for purchase on for RMB 4,999 on January 19, in addition to a package offer including an additional wireless speaker (standard price: RMB 1,499) for RMB 5,999.

LeEco aims at six million units in Super TV sales in 2016, eyeing the top three or even No. 1 position in the smart TV industry in China.

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