Friday, January 08, 2016

Samsung curved monitors announced at CES

Samsung has announced a new range of Samsung curved monitors at this years CES, these new monitors are designed for gaming.

Samsung’s three-monitor ultra-wide setup for the EA game Battlefield 4™ has gotten a particularly enthusiastic response. Not only are there three monitors connected in a row to expand the horizontal field of view, but Samsung devised this setup using its new 27-inch, 1800R curvature monitors, creating an arcing, smooth viewing surface, for the most immersive viewing experience yet.

For gamers, getting immersed into the action is the whole point of the fun. So it is essential to have a monitor that can keep up with the intense demands of today’s games, without lagging or stuttering, and completely absorb players. Samsung’s new curved monitors—the CF591, CF391, CF390 and CF 398—curve with a radius of 1.8 meters, the tightest curvature in the market. That curve helps to create a sense of surrounding the player, pulling them all the way into the action of the game.

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