Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Ather S340 :India's First Smart Electric Scooter announced

Banagalore-based startup Ather Energy launches India’s first Smart Electric Scooter S340. This fresh concept is aimed at not just reducing the pollution and becoming light at the pocket but it is also expected to make the transits filled with insights.

The S340 has been designed in-house and it looks a class apart. The best part of the design is that it doesn’t resemble the other electric scooters in the market and the short chassis makes it look a lot more sportier. Ather touts that the S340 comes with Zero Lateral Weight offset, low center of gravity and lights that automatically tweak themselves to the ambient light conditions. The low center of gravity would drastically improve the handling and would also increase the maneuverability of the vehicle.

The Ather S340 claims to deliver an efficiency of 60 km for every charge and the top speed comes at a respectable 72 kmph. Considering the fact that it is powered by an electric motor, torque shouldn’t be an issue and this is something that will go a long way in helping commuters zip by the traffic. The scooter draws its power from a lithium-ion battery and the best part is that the battery comes with a fast charging feature that will replenish 80% charge in just 50 minutes and can be charged from any 5A power point.

The vehicle comes with a Linux based touchscreen dashboard which stays connected and has deep integration with the cloud. Users can also sign in and make use of the pre-configured drive settings thus facilitating a personalized experience. The app would also further recommend the rider suggestions based on the predictive analysis.

“The future will be connected and inevitably electric and the Ather S340 has been built as a manifestation of this philosophy,” said Tarun Mehta, CEO & Co-Founder. “It is an unapologetically electric vehicle, it has been designed and built mostly in-house with engineering precision.”

 Ather S340 will be manufactured in Bangalore and is a  truly made in India product. It will roll out from production by end of this year. Experience centres will bring the product to life and facilitate test rides in the next few months.

In an industry first, Ather Energy will build an online-only purchase model with doorstep delivery and service. Pre-ordering will be open in the cities of Bangalore, Chennai and Pune in the next quarter. The company also aims at setting up an ambitious public charging infrastructure in every city it will operate in, partnering with government and private enterprises.

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