Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Coca-Cola VR Cardboard Headset for iPhone announced

Coca-Cola posted video showcasing its own virtual-reality headset for iPhone made out of its recycled cardboard 12-can packaging. The VR cardboard headset for now seems like an experiment by the company, and it is not known if the company will actually market the product.

The YouTube video published by the company shows some steps how you can convert the Coca-Cola packaging into a virtual reality headset. Three Coca-Cola 12-packs are shown in the video that can be folded or assembled in to a VR headset in three ways - Origami, Custom, and Insert.

The steps to assemble the VR headset looks similar to that of the Google VR Cardboard headset, which was launched two years ago. To experience the VR cardboard for iPhone models, users would need the Coke box, an iPhone and some other parts, which can be cut out from the packaging itself. The only thing required are plastic lenses, but it is possible that Coca-Cola could bundle it with the 12-pack if it decides to actually market such a product.

Coca-Cola is the newest to enter the world of virtual reality with its own do-it-yourself virtual reality headset kit. Many companies have already launched their own virtual reality headset gears for users. As an commenter has also pointed out, Cerveza Becker did something similar last year.

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