Monday, February 22, 2016

Cyanogen MOD platform for Android devices announced

Cyanogen has announced the launch of MOD platform that allows developers to deeply integrate their apps into its OS. The new platform will introduce mods intelligent, contextually aware, and lightweight experiences built natively into the mobile operating system.

Users can install a variety of mods to extend the functionality of their devices.  Cyanogen’s partnership with Microsoft, a user can install the Skype mod directly into their dialer to add VoIP calling functionality or they can install the Cortana personal assistant mod to power features like voice-activated selfies. In addition, to expand the availability of the MOD platform, Cyanogen is announcing a new partner program called MOD Ready™ to accelerate development time of new devices and services.

Kirt McMaster, CEO & Co-Founder of Cyanogen said in a statementWe think people are intuitively looking for a more natural way to interact with them. MOD enables this by effectively creating a new runtime, a new way to build services for the Android super platform. Mods are something entirely different. We are excited to be working with many partners around the world who understand the new vision of computing that MOD enables for Android and we look forward to seeing the innovations that arise from it.

Cyanogen is hoping to push its new Mod platform with the help of OEMs and partners bundling this new functionality. The Mod platform itself will start rolling out next month, and will require Cyanogen OS 13 or higher.

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