Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Gionee Introduces new brand logo at MWC 2016

Gionee at MWC 2016 officially launched a new brand identity at the Mobile World Congress. The new brand identity involves a new logo, together with “Make Smiles” as its new purpose statement. The move marks the company’s further expansion to global markets and its mission to connect phone users with ‘smiles’. The company also introduced S8, which will open up a new era of mobile video shooting and photography.

“The smiling face on new logo shows our desire to create happiness by developing built-in user-friendly technology and easy-to-use communication tools,” said William Lu, President of Gionee. “By adding emotional elements to our smartphones, we believe our ‘smilephones’ will allow us to maintain a place in the hearts of our consumers and gain a stronger position in the industry.”

The new logo combines the letters “i” and “j” to form a “G” which represents Gionee and subtly conveys the message, “I am joyful”. The brightened orange color signifies an energetic, passionate and warm image.

“Make Smiles” is the company's new tagline.The tagline invites customers to engage with Gioneepartake in the delightful moments in their lives. Whether it is achievements or nice surprises, the phones are developed to capture happiness.

“Given the growing popularity to share our lives on social media, we have found that users are no longer satisfied with static images, and now need active videos,” said William Lu, President of Gionee. “Gionee S8 is our first smartphone to carry our new smiling logo and enhance the video sharing experience. It allows us to easily record our precious moments and upload them to social media platforms. Our ‘smilephone’ is involved in the process of delivering joy.”

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