Monday, February 22, 2016

Kingston HyperX Cloud Core Headset Review

Kingston which is known for making storage solutions such as hard drives and USB drives. also, makes some gaming headsets in the HyperX Cloud series. HyperX Cloud Core that is aimed at gamers, especially the PS4, XBox, PC as well which is available in India under Rs 3,500 let's find out how good is this  Headset in our review

Opening the box, you'll get the Cloud headset encased in the same luxurious protective soft foam. Box contents include Kingston HyperX Cloud Core Headset,3.5mm Splitter (Female) to 3.5mm (Male) Mic In and Audio Out, comes microphone Attachment for Headset (3.5mm Male Connector) and Documentation

The headphone in black color no other color options available and overall feel is great since the headphones are quite sturdy, with the appropriate edges being smooth enough not to point and hinder the experience during long hours of usage. While Kingston has used Red for the logo over the black ear cup, the red stitching on headband adds to the good looks. sewn edges at the top of the headband with the HyperX logo adds to that premium look.

It comes with a removable microphone you can remove or bend. if you are using the HyperX Cloud Core for listening to the audio, it isn’t a fixed one, and you bend it slightly according to your comfort. the wire is separately sticking out, and while it might not change the way you use it, these can be prone to damage while traveling, if not packed well.

Kingston HyperX Cloud Drone headphones have a robust yet lightweight build that almost entirely consists of a plastic body except for the metal and plastic swivel microphone. The microphone does not have a mute switch, but swivels on top to turn on the mute mode and has noise cancellation as well. It is made of metallic hold-in-place material and has a rather large main unit.

The earcups of the Kingston HyperX Cloud Drone headphones are made of faux-leather that hug the ears tightly and let little ambient noise in. The over-the-head portion is cushioned to provide more comfort and support. The volume control is on the right ear cup in a swivel disc form that makes it rather easy to turn up or turn down the volume directly from the headphone.

Cloud Core headsets come with a built-in DSP sound card, and the closed cup design is to cancel any passive noise from around, and these are made to deliver a virtual 7.1 surround sound. The actual quality of sound coming out of these headphones is pretty great, and it can beat several others in the competition, with not just the level but with the sharpness and power balanced out.

Utilizing 53mm neodymium drivers to provide a 2.0 sound experience, the HyperX Cloud Core features a leatherette headband, memory foam leatherette ear pads, closed ear cups, an aluminum frame and a detachable microphone. Cloud Core offers a frequency response of 15Hz - 25 kHz, an impedance of 60 Ohms and a maximum output power of 150mW. This information alone shows that we're looking at around a 50mW output higher and almost double the Ohms on offer than competing headsets

The cable provided with the Kingston HyperX Cloud Drone is braided. This resists wear and tear. The 3.5 mm jack on the Kingston HyperX Cloud Drone is gold plated to provide better sound. The headphones also come with an extender and splitter that will help the user to easily connect the device to rear audio jacks on PCs. To be exact, the cable has a total length of 2m.

The HyperX Core employs the use of passive noise isolation. It works, albeit on a one-way basis. You can’t hear noise from the outside but outsiders can hear what you’re hearing

Audio quality on the HyperX Cloud Core is quite good for music and movies despite being a gaming headphone. The closed cans provide quite a bit of isolation from your surroundings and as a result, you don’t really need to crank up the volume much to listen to content. The sound produced tends to be a bit heavier on the bass and while the clarity and dynamic range is great for a gaming headphone, it still isn’t nearly as good as audiophile grade headphones.

Those who looking to buy a budget Gaming Headphone this is good buy which offers good build quality and design, and a very good gaming experience. Cable on headset should have been longer

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