Wednesday, February 03, 2016

MEIZU MX5 gets Flyme OS 5.0 update in India

Meizu today announced the launch of its upgraded Flyme OS 5.0 for its MX5 Indian customers. The upgraded OS encapsulates an intuitive and simple system app layout, supported by a smooth and exquisite transition animation.

Home screen

Floating notification: Notifications can be displayed in floating mode without interrupting operations.
Multi-task:Card-type multi-task lists are added and can be long pressed to lock an individual application.
Multi-screen mode: Based on the multi-task list, two applications can be displayed at the same time in multi-screen mode in an adjustable ratio (only some specific applications are supported).
Batchicon sorting: Icons can be selected and moved in batch mode to different pages or directories on Home screen by long pressing Home screen and selecting Sorting Icons.
Shake to sort Home screen: Icons on Home screen can be sorted rapidly by entering the Sort Icon mode and shaking the mobile phone.


Added a display in Notification panel to show the app which is currently using GPS, and users can disable it directly on the panel.
Optimized the icon for creating a new event in Calendar,Messages and Memos in which the icon is now put in the middle.
Optimized Wi-Fi connection.
Optimized the Talkback support of system apps.
Optimized the boot speed, which is more prominent whenthe system installs a lot of apps.
Fixed the bug of the mCharge becomes slower than usual after a period ofusing.
Fixed the occasional system rebooting for noreason.
Optimized system translation.

Notification bar

Optimized layout: When the notification bar without unread notifications is dropped down, all switches are displayed on it by default; and when the notification bar with unread notifications is dropped down, more options the notifications can be viewed by pull down the zone.
Notification management: In Settings> Notification and status bar >Notifications management, users can configure the notification enabler and priority for each app.


Music display on the locked screen: The cover and lyric of a song can be directly displayed on a locked screen.
Notificationdisplay on the locked screen: In Settings > Notification and Status Bar,users can configure whether to display notifications on the locked screen and whether to light up the screen upon the receiving of a notification.


Floating notifications: Quick replies to SMSs are available in floating notifications.
When sending a message to a group of people, the system will recognize the contact name and send the message with each contact’s name in it.


Floating notification: Incoming calls can be displayed as floating notifications.
Dial: The dial is designed as floated.By swiping the page, users can switch between contacts and call history.
Recording list: In Phone > Settings page, users can view recordings in Voice messages and Call recordings.
Dial switching: In Phone > Settings page, users can enable Switch dialer input method to switch the dialpad betweenT9 mode and full keyboard mode by tapping the bottom left keypad symbol on dialpad.
Adjust the Phone settings option where users can define the messages for rejecting anincoming call.
Added a new feature which users can answer a phone call by long press the volume key.

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