Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 to be launched in October : Report

 Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will reportedly be launched in October this year as an update to last year's Surface Pro 4.

According to a report by online publication MNR Daily, Microsoft plans to address one of the big concerns of Surface Pro 4 users with the next edition in the series: battery life.Surface pro 5 is said to be priced at $899 for the entry-level model, with models featuring beefier specs expected to cost $999 and $1,599.

Users have reportedly said that the battery of Surface Pro 4 lasts just 3 hours, instead of the 9 hours claimed by Microsoft. Battery is also drained when the device is in Sleep Mode. Microsoft later resolved the issues with updates.It is said that the company aims to ensure that the problem does not crop up with the Surface Pro 5.

Not much details are out yet .

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