Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ubuntu OS ROM for OnePlus One

OnePlus is partnering with  Ubuntu .Ubuntu offers quick access to all of your content and the full command line interface. The tailor-made smartphone version of Ubuntu was meticulously designed to revolve around your life. Ubuntu’s scopes bring everything you need together on one screen, so your favorite services and content are always within reach.
The release of Ubuntu on the OnePlus One underlines this commitment, while development on a OnePlus X release is well underway. Developers, fans and tech enthusiasts have all been clamoring for a full Ubuntu release on a phone. some of the first to receive an Ubuntu release. Be aware, the Ubuntu release that is currently available for the OnePlus One remains a work in progress and more features are expected to be added to the build in the future.

OnePlus is calling more developers to help them solve difficulties the team has faced when working on OnePlus X with Ubuntu. "Work on a full OnePlus X release is in progress. Calling all developers! The community has encountered a number of difficulties in the development process."Interested users can flash the Ubuntu OS ROM on their OnePlus One smartphones from a dedicated website.

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