Saturday, April 16, 2016

64-bit Windows 10 Mobile OS coming soon to Lumia devices

Microsoft is only installing only 32-bit version of Windows 10 Mobile on their Lumia devices and offering the same for other OEMs as well. Microsoft today confirmed that soon their phones will have a 64-bit operating system.

Bringing 64-bit support will enable devices with more than 4GB of RAM, larger number of registers, newer instruction sets, cross platform support, lower power consumption and more. Some people may question what’s the need of having 4GB or more RAM on a mobile device. The answer is, Microsoft is already exploring ways to bring x86 based apps to ARM platform. x86-to-ARM just-in-time (JIT) emulator which will allow us to run our classic desktop apps on mobile devices may require huge amounts of memory, so the 4GB or more RAM on mobile devices is not really a bad idea in my opinion.

Recently when Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was asked about the future of Windows 10 Mobile, he said Continuum is the unique feature they have, If anything they will want to continue to build that capability out. Think about running x86 apps in Continuum mode on Windows 10 Mobile

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