Wednesday, April 13, 2016

How to disable Always On Display on Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 edge

Samsung launched Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge with  Always On Display, a useful functionality that keeps a small part of the display on at all times and shows vital information, even when the phone's fast asleep.

It's definitely useful and its battery usage is acceptable. What's more, powering your phone constantly to check for new events could be eating up way more of your precious juice in comparison with simply keeping AOD on. You can also disable Always On Display Check out below steps to  disable Always On Display on Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 edge

 First of all, swipe down with two fingers in order to open and expand the quick toggles pane.

You should see the Always On display there. By default, it's on the bottom-most row, but if you have been tinkering around it might be at a different spot. Anyway, it should be there

Simply tap on it to disable the feature. Of course, if you find yourself missing it, you can disable it the same way.

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