Friday, April 22, 2016

n-gage messenger app review

Been compelled to listen to someone when they told you not to cross limits? Bugged by being told off every now and then? Well, say hi to n-gage where such put-off situations won’t be the case at all!
This newly launched app broke boundaries and did away with any sort of convention when it launched in the market. As a mix and match of various apps use for communicating, it has all the features integrated on one platform. I’ve been using this app for a while now and here are listing some features for users that got me hooked:

First off, I am thankful to the extract feature that saved me from the blunder I made by sending a wrong message to my friend. This life-saving feature allows you to pull back a message or an entire conversation from the receiver’s phone, leaving no trace of the conversation.

That apart, there are many other fun and interactive features like ‘n-Cards’, ‘n-Stickers’, ‘Chat Makeovers’ and ‘Doodle Plus’ using which you irritate your siblings and have a friendly spam with your friends. Great way to pass time that is!

The Private Area feature of the app makes sure that no one, but you can see the messages or conversation with a particular person. For all those teenagers and young peeps with secrets to keep, this is just ideal! As an add-on, for keeping secret media safe from the rest of the world one can use the Private Gallery to ensure no one else sees what is stored there. Brownie points to the developers for this one!.

I used ‘Blink’ to send a secret message to my closest friend, where a timer is set on the message for up to 60 seconds, after which the message automatically disappears from the other person’s phone and there remains no trace of that message. That is quite close to what SnapChat is. ‘Screenshot Disabling’ feature ensures that your messages do not get captured by the receiver. Also, n-gage has some added feature that no other app has like ‘Scramble’ which sends a personalized message in a scrambled form and only the receiver can tap and unscramble.

I have few friends abroad who love talking in their mother tongue but have to communicate with me in English so I can understand what they are saying, but n-gage helped me to translate my messages in 45 global languages which even surprised my friends abroad as we broke the biggest barrier of our conversation that is language, thanks to n-gage.

The Makeover option helped me have fun with messaging as I can have a different theme for each friend or change the entire color scheme of the window and not just the wallpaper. I was also free to change the theme at the receiver and senders end and distinctive pokes with sounds for each Makeover to get the child out in me. Even WhatsApp doesn’t have this which makes n-gage quite awesome!

Old school is becoming cool with n-gage. The app is bringing back the old tradition of sending cards to our loved ones on occasions. The experience is being recreated by n-gage is helping by allowing one to personalize a card on a special occasion for that special person. And that too, with a cute little envelope!

With this being an age of luxury, n-gage helps one to call or message anyone across the globe with less internet usage. Also there is an amazing feature of group video chat where you can conduct conference calls with up to 10 participants making it suitable for professionals, outstation students, parents and also teenagers. Likewise one can create as many groups of family and friends with up to 300 participants in each group and send broadcast message to 50 contacts in one go that saves a lot of your precious time.

Not all phones have high end space to cater heavy apps that use up the entire phone’s space and make it hot and slow. n-gage breaks those boundaries and limitations with a lighter version of the app called ‘n-gage lite’. I tried the app on Android phone with 832 MB of RAM & there was no lag in the app’s performance. The lite version is pretty fast and I found it very convenient and fun at the same time. Apart from communication the app also offers to share lifestyle, health and other new trends to each other which then build on a great conversation with your peers.

n-gage is a great app to communicate for all ages and for people over different lands who should defy boundaries just like n-gage did.

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