Sunday, April 24, 2016

S Bike Mode now available for Samsung Galaxy J2,J5,J7

Samsung  launched the Galaxy J3 (2016) in India with a unique feature called S Bike Mode.  Now, S Bike Mode has been released to more devices in the Galaxy J series.

S Bike Mode is now available for the Galaxy J2, Galaxy J5, and Galaxy J7 through a software update. A software update was released to the Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7 in India yesterday. However, unlike the Galaxy J3 (2016), these devices don’t feature NFC, so S Bike Mode would have to be activated using the quick setting toggle.

S Bike Mode’ turns the phone into a bikers phone to avoid distraction. The phone comes with an NFC Tag enabled activation in the box and a pre-recorded message (in 14 Indian languages) for all callers. There is also a Motion Lock feature to ensure rider comes to a halt before answering the call.

On receiving a call, it will automatically go on interactive voice response and tell the caller to leave a message as you are riding the bike. In case of emergency, the caller can press number ‘1’ on dial pad which will make the phone ring with maximum volume and vibration. The biker, thus, will be notified about the urgent incoming call so that he can park the bike and take call. It avoids distraction of the bikers due to incoming calls and helps them to concentrate on the road.

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