Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Xiaomi Smartwatch & Mi Band 2 to launch in Q2 of 2016

We have seen some rumors of Xiaomi Smartwatch since last year Till now, we haven’t seen a full-fledged smartwatch from the company. Now, Huami’s CEO Wang has revealed a few details about the second generation model of the Xiaomi Mi Band as well as Xiaomi smartwatch. It looks like, once again, Huami is manufacturing these two devices.

First up, CEO Wang confirmed that both, the Mi Band 2 and the Xiaomi smartwatch will debut in the next two months, within Q2 2016. The major selling point of the new Band version will be the small display on board. So, it looks like the Mi Band 2 will be able to show you a lot more information than its previous generation, reducing reliance on the connected smartphone.

As for the price, the new Band will be slightly costlier than the previous generation model.Another important information revealed by him was that the new version will abandon the “Mi” branding. It will be called as the Band 2, but we are not sure of the exact name.

Coming to the most interesting part of the interview, CEO Wang confirmed that Xiaomi smartwatch with a display exists and will meet us in Q2 2016. The watch will feature a larger screen than the Band 2, and focus on a particular function. Smartwatch manufacturers are particularly keen on health-related functions so we may see the smartwatch boast of such features. But, apart from the existence of the device as well as the release timing, nothing else is confirmed.

He confirms that a new generation version of the wearable is also coming, but only in the second half of the year.So, now that these two devices have been almost confirmed, we hope to see a lot more information about them in the coming days.


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