Tuesday, April 19, 2016

YouTube launches 360-degree live video streaming

YouTube has started rolling out support for 360-degree live video streaming. In addition, the service has also introduced spatial audio for on-demand YouTube videos.

The inclusion of live support come to YouTube a year after it had first introduced 360-degree videos in March. With 360 degree videos, viewers can move the scene left or right, up or down, for a complete spherical view.

Spatial audio according to YouTube, ” allows you to listen along as you do in real life, where depth, distance and intensity all play a role”. YouTube said that it will make 360-degree live streaming and spatial audio technologies available at all YouTube Space locations across the globe.

YouTube is working with companies like VideoStitch and Two Big Ears to make their software compatible with 360-degree live streams or spatial audio and more will be available soon.

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