Monday, May 02, 2016

LG Innotek announces under glass fingerprint sensor module for smartphones

LG Innotek announced an under glass fingerprint sensor module which will let you just place your finger on the cover glass of the phone and then it identifies your fingerprint. This new module will allow smartphone designers to avoid the home button itself.

LG cut a shallow furrow of 0.01inches (0.3mm) thick on the lower backside of the cover glass and installed the fingerprint sensor inside of it with using their supreme precision and combination technology. Since the sensor is placed behind the glass, OEMs can produce a sleek designed smartphone. Since, High-strength cover glass like Gorilla Glass protects the sensor, it also prevents it from coming in direct contact with water or damage from scratches.

Most importantly, the fingerprint accuracy of this new module is almost same as the button type with a false acceptance rate (FAR) of 0.002%.

LG developed a proprietary adhesive to be used to attach the sensor to the glass and the adherend side of the sensor and glass is only 0.0098inches (0.25mm) thick, but it en-dures impact of 4.6 oz (130grams) of the steel ball dropped from 7.9inch (20cm).

Usually the fingerprint sensor is present below the smartphone’s screen, on the back or on the side, combined with the power button in the form or circle or a square.

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