Thursday, May 05, 2016

Reliance Jio 4G launched for Public Invite and LYF Phone needed

Reliance Jio has started expanding its trial services to the public, but through an C-only system.
With this, you can go and get a trial SIM and a LYF phone, but you need to get the special invite — a bit like buying a OnePlus phone.

To buy a OnePlus phone, you have to register for the sale and the company then hands out invites to those who have registered or who have already bought their phone or won contests.The launch has taken place in the following telecom circles: Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, MP and Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Maharashtra and Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Odisha, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.

“All you have to do is give me your mail ID and I shall send you an invite with a unique code. You can take a print of the same go to any Reliance Digital or Digital Express store… Buy 4G Volte LYF handset and avail this offer. Carry your POI and POA documents for swift activation. Enjoy all the latest apps including 300 channels of TV played on JIO network Freem” pointed out someone who seemed to be aware of the new offer.

jioIt is very likely that invites will be handed out directly to the public also soon — for example to those who make big purchases from Reliance Retail’s stores or those who buy LYF handsets. This possibility was first discussed four months ago. For now, though, you need to reach across to a Jio employee for the invite.

In the earlier offer, the SIM was being given in the name of the employee, while in this one, the SIM will be given in your name.You have to submit your proof of identity and proof of address. Also, unlike earlier, this connection would enable you to have your own MyJio account, which you can use for making further recharges. Earlier, the free connection was being managed by the employee on whose name it was issued.

Some Reliance Digital stores are taking advantage of this offer to sell their phones.They seem to be sourcing Jio 4G invites from people they know and giving these invites free of cost to those who buy phones from their store.There are many posts on social media inviting people to specific Reliance Digital stores to buy phones and get bundled SIMs.It is likely that you will see the same kind of frenzy for these invites as could be seen in case of OnePlus. OnePlus typically gets tens of thousands, even lakhs of registrations for its sale process when it introduces new models.

Meanwhile, in an effort to get more and more people to migrate out of RCom’s CDMA network to its GSM network, the Reliance Communications is offering a 4G upgrade offer with free data and voice calls.Anyone who upgrades from CDMA to GSM will get 10 GB of 4G data, unlimited on-network calling and 150 minutes of calls to other networks free of cost.

However, it should be noted that RCom’s GSM coverage is not as well established as its CDMA coverage, though the addition of Jio’s 4G footprint should help extend the footprint. Still, to take advantage of Jio’s 4G coverage along with RCom’s GSM network, one would have to buy a 4G-enabled handset as well. However, RCom is improving its GSM footprint and has also entered into intra-circle roaming pacts with Aircel Cellular to boost coverage. In addition, the Anil Ambani company has restarted network expansion as of late last year.

The current opening up of the soft launch to the public can be seen as a reaction to two things. First, the company probably wanted to soften criticism from eager consumers who have been disappointed with repeated delays in the unveiling of the service. Secondly, it has invested several thousands of crores, or even Rs 10,000 cr, in creating the LYF handset brand and importing the devices into India.

The devices are based on Snapdragon 615 chipsets, which are a year old. Qualcomm recently unveiled its successor, Snapdragon 625, on a much more efficient chip-making process. More delays would have made it tougher to sell the devices without massive discounts.

With this offer, it is a win-win for data-hungry consumers,  as they get free unlimited data for three months, while the company can liquidate its LYF stocks over the next three months.

How to Get the Invite

Step 1: You have only 10 exclusive invitations to share. So, check with your friends who are really interested and refer them for the offer. Make the best use of this opportunity.
Step 2: Click “Refer Now” button to invite your friends and they will get an invitation mail from LYF.

Step 1: On receipt of invitation, print a copy of the email which includes an offer code.
Step 2: Carry original and a copy of valid Proof of Address (P0A). Proof of Identity (P01) and a passport size color photograph.
Step 3: Locate the nearest Reliance Digital / DX Mini Store using store locator.
Step 4: Visit the store with all the documents mentioned above and buy the LYF SMARTPHONE+ of their choice.
Step 5: Tele-verify within five days from the date of submission of Customer Acquisition Form (CAF).
Step 6: Get your Jio Preview Offer.

What you need to know:
The invite status can be viewed on Remind your friends to avail the offer, as the delay may lead to lapse of the offer.

What your friends need to know:
The invite is valid for 15 days from the date of receipt.
The invite is non-transferrable. Only the invitee can avail the Jio Preview Offer in his/her name.
The Jio Preview Offer can be availed only on LYF SMARTPHONE+.

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