Friday, May 13, 2016

Samsung Galaxy X with a foldable display to launch in 2017

Last month we reported that Samsung will launch  foldable smartphone in 2017 now according new leak  Samsung will launch five flagships in 2017 and the foldable smartphone with 4K display will be called as Samsung Galaxy X

 Galaxy S8,  Galaxy S8 edge,  Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy Note 7 edge, will sport Super AMOLED displays with 2.5K resolution and an RGB subpixel arrangement. The Samsung Galaxy X on the other hand, will flaunt a foldable 4K screen with diamond PenTile subpixel arrangement. Rumours indicate that the phone in question will easily be foldable in half, like a wallet. No other details regarding the Galaxy X are available at the moment.

 Samsung will launch a device next year which can be a 5 inch smartphone when folded and turns into a 7-inch tablet when opened. A foldable smartphone essentially means the screen can be bent in half by using OLED display. It is not clear as of now how exactly the folding technology is going to work. Samsung had first mentioned the possibility of the foldable smartphones under Project Valley, following which there were a couple of patents had surfaced showing how dual display handset will be able to open and close in different configuration with the use of hinges.

 Samsung introduced its flexible OLED displays, which the brand calls YOUM displays. At the same time, the company displayed a couple of foldable smartphone prototypes utilising its YOUM technology. The company has been working on a foldable smartphone since three years, so it will be interesting to see what the brand has up its sleeves next year.

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