Sunday, June 05, 2016

Asus VivoBaby - Wearable sensor that monitors a baby’s body temperature and heart rate

Asus has announced a new wearable sensor Asus VivoBaby  a wearable sensor that monitors a baby’s body temperature and heart rate. Once connected to ASUS SmartHome, VivoBaby can trigger an alert and send a message to parents’ mobile phones if it senses a sudden rise in temperature or a drop in heart rate.

The system is divided into two part: a "cuff" and a sensor that can be used independently and ranging in control heartbeat, movements and other parameters that may become a problem if not constant during sleep.

Asus Vivobaby is not a unique product of its kind and also other brands are or have developed "wearable" for their infants in order to eliminate the effect of death on the cradle, fortunately rare but still existing.

Sensors- 3-axis accelerometer
opical heart rate sensor with Asus VivoPlus technology
Skin temperature sensor
Bluetooth   Bluerooth 4.0
Sync       Automatic sync with Asus VivoBaby App
Charging     Wireless charging
Power       Up to 7days of battery life
Weight      25h

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