Saturday, July 23, 2016

Woman gets stuck in tree while playing Pokémon Go

A woman in New Jersey was rescued by firefighters after getting stuck in a tree while playing Pokémon Go in a cemetery.

The woman, described by police as a “young adult,” climbed a tree inside Eglington Cemetery in Clarksboro, N.J. in an attempt to catch Pokémon, WCAU reported. Firefighters from the East Greenwich Township Fire and Rescue got her out of the tree with a ladder after she called 911. When rescuers spoke to her, she reluctantly admitted she had been playing Pokémon Go.

“She was a bit embarrassed at that point,” township fire chief Rob Gould III told WCAU.

The fire and rescue team posted photos from the rescue to its Facebook page, and warned players of the video game phenomenon to “take heed of the warnings and be careful not to put yourself into bad situations.”

Rescuers used a ladder to get the woman down and didn't embarrass her any further by releasing her name.'Pokemon Go' Takes Over Children's Hospital[NATL] 'Pokemon Go' Takes Over Children's Hospital .At Johns Hopkins Hospital, "Pokemon Go" gives children with chronic illnesses the chance to have some fun. The hospital has been putting out lures to attract Pokemon to their Children's Center, and also has two pokestops as well as a gym where players can battle.

They did ask people to think more about their safety when playing "Pokemon Go.""We have noticed there has been an increase in foot traffic around town. Some of the sites in town such as the churches and the cemetery are game stops," Gould said.

"We were just trying to get the word out that people need to be cognizant about watching where they are going and what they are doing so no one gets hurt. This game phenomenon is happening everywhere, not just the urban areas and we don't want to see anyone get hurt. Luckily this person escaped injury."


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