Xiaomi Mi4i explodes while in Use , Caught On Camera

Xiaomi launched Mi4i in India last year which has many heating issues when it was sold in India now a Xiaomi user ‎Ajay Raj Negi‎ posted to the Mi Mobile Facebook page about his phone exploding while in use. The incident happened on July 16, 2016, while he was in his office with his other co-workers. Attached to his Facebook post is a video of the phone exploding.
During the video, you can see that Ajay was using his phone while under standard office settings when he suddenly jumped out of his chair and threw his phone. The phone then began to spark and caught fire. Luckily the situation was under control and no one was severely hurt during the incident.

    Ajay did indeed mention that his unit of the Mi4i was purchased through Flipkart.  however. Xiaomi has however responded to a few concerned customers about the event, citing that they are currently investigating the incident to pinpoint a specific cause.

    This isn’t the first time a portable electronic device has caught fire or exploded under regular use, but it is still concerning knowing that it still happens at seemly random times.

    Watch Video here


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