Microsoft Surface Phone Concept

Microsoft will release three variants of the Surface Phone in 2017. company has accidentally leaked some information about the phone earlier. now Surface Phone Concept

The Surface Phone concept that you see here imagines a super productive Windows 10 Mobile device that has almost no side bezels and which comes with support for a Type Cover and a Surface Pen.

Available for the Surface lineup of tablets, the Type Cover provides instant conversion to a laptop and the same thing could be made possible in the case of the Surface Phone as well. Obviously, the reduced size of the screen could limit Microsoft’s efforts to achieve this goal, but having a Type Cover on a Surface Phone looks good in this concept.

The Surface Pen also makes drawing and writing easy as pie on the screen and given the fact that there are already smartphones out there that come with a stylus, it could make sense for Microsoft to head into the same direction too. The only problem in this concept, however, is that the phone doesn’t seem to offer an easy way to carry the pen around, as it’s the case with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, for instance.

Earlier news : Details about the phone have surfaced on Microsoft’s Minimum hardware requirement page that says that Surface Phone will be powered by codenamed MSM8998, which is the codename for Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 830. This processor was listed under SoCs that supports Windows 10 Mobile. The phone is expected to have 8GB memory and use Samsung’s 10nm production process.  reports had said that Surface Phone will come in three variants, each aimed at a different type of user. The company will apparently release a consumer, business and a prosumer/enthusiast model of the Surface Phone in 2017. The Surface phone is supposed to be built by the same Microsoft engineering team that built the Surface and Surface Book which is led by Panos Panay.

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