Samsung Galaxy S7 edge explodes in Philippines

We have seen Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explode due to battery issue and Samsung has recalled Galaxy Note 7 units now one more Galaxy S7 edge explodes this time  in Philippines

Now accident of an exploding smartphone has been reported in the Philippines. This time, it's a Galaxy S7 edge which burst into flames, allegedly without any external influence such as an incompatible charger or excess heat. Thankfully, no one was hurt and Samsung gave the customer a full refund. As you can see, the handset suffered irrepairable damage, with both its display and back panel completely obliterated.

Moreover, there have been several reports of replacement Galaxy Note 7 units overheating and catching fire, despite the company's assurance that the new batch of Note 7 handsets is safe to use.

Samsung Galaxy S7 explodes 

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Explodes


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