Samsung Galaxy S7 explodes

We have seen Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explode due to battery issue and Samsung has recalled Galaxy Note 7 units yesterday we have seen a Galaxy S7 edge explodes now Galaxy S7 explodes which in use

According to Supply teacher Sarah Crockett, 30, told how the phone blew up in a busy cafe even though it was not being charged. Mum-of-two Sarah, 30, was with husband Matt, 29, when her three- month-old mobile started to balloon in size before melting in clouds of white smoke in Witham, Essex. She said: “It suddenly just expanded in my hand and got really, really hot.

“I dropped it on the table. Within a few seconds there was smoke everywhere and I jumped out of the way. The whole thing was just barbecued. “I lost all my photos, including my four-year-old son Ollie’s first day at school. But what if it had been in his hands? What if I had been driving?”

As customers fled, waiter Jordan Pierce, 32, picked the phone up with a cloth before dumping it outside.Sarah sent CCTV footage from the Hold the Anchovies cafe to Samsung. But she added: “They said it must have been charging at the time and I told them it wasn’t — which seemed to surprise them as they said it was the first they’d heard anything like this.”

A Samsung spokesman said: “There are no known safety issues with Galaxy S7 devices. “This issue is currently being investigated and our customer services team is in contact with the customer regarding the matter.”


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