How to increase speaker Volume On Android Device

Have you ever felt the need for a better sound on your Android smart phone? These days, most of us use earphones or headphones to enjoy music at its best. But sometimes, we might want to actually use the speakers as well. But the sound you get out of the speakers isn’t enough, is it? If you’re among those who aren’t satisfied with the output you get through your device’s speakers, let me give you few ways to increase speaker & headphone volume output without messing up the quality.

Increase Speaker & Headphone Volume On Android Smart Phones

There are 3 different ways of how you could actually increase speaker volume on your device.

1. Dolby ATMOS Audio

This is the best option for you to do. Is there a slighter chance that you haven’t heard about Dolby Audio already? I don’t think so. Isn’t it? Dolby Audio is one of the finest audios ever. It was used only in movies earlier, but it is not confined to just movies now. You can enjoy the Dolby Audio on your device as well.
To be frank, it is hard to sum up about Dolby ATMOS Audio in a paragraph or two. We have a clear guide to install Dolby ATMOS Audio along with the features and other details you need to know. Feel free to check, and believe me, you’re gonna love it once you install Dolby ATMOS Audio.

2.  Volume + App

The next best thing you could do is to install Volume + app on your device. Volume + is one of the best apps that you could install to increase sound quality on your device. However, there’s a catch. The developers state that the app works at its best if you have Cyanogen Mod or MIUI ROM installed on your device.
Having Stock ROM might result in app not working or volume being reduced furthermore. However, there’s no harm in trying your luck. There’s a free version of this app that lets you have limited access. But in case if you liked the app, you can purchase the full version of the app.

3. Speaker Boost App

Speaker Boost app is compatible with almost all ROM’s. So, in case if you do not have Cyanogen Mod or MIUI running on your device, this should be the best option for you.
Speaker Boost app does exactly what its name suggests us. It boosts the audio to a greater extent. However, don’t misuse the app, because listening to music at higher volume for a prolonged period of time might damage your external speakers or even your headphones. You got to know the extent to which you can push your speakers, or the chances of you wrecking them are high.

Wrap Up
Stock ROM’s are optimized for audio output suitable for the device. But sometimes after an update, there is a chance that the volume is lowered than it used to be before. If you are not satisfied, you can go with these options. But please be careful while using them. Don’t get over excited and spoil your speakers for ever.

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