Samsung and LG to release foldable phones in second half of 2017

We have been hearing that Samsung will launch foldable Phones in Q3 of 2017 now according to new report  Samsung and LG to release portable devices with folding screens  in second half of 2017

Samsung is likely to produce 100,000 of the smartphone-cum-tablets in the third quarter, the Herald claims, while LG may manufacture the same quantity in the fourth quarter. The report cautions that neither company has finalized its plans yet.

Most of the report focuses on the Samsung device, likely the same product revealed last year under the codename Project Valley. While the device was initially designed to open like a book with both screens inside, according to the Herald, Samsung decided that consumers don’t want to constantly be opening and closing their phones, and thus moved the displays to the outside of the unit, when closed.The device will reportedly be a seven-inch tablet when open.

Samsung Foldable Phone will be out in Q3 of 2017 could be at IFA 2017


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