Honor 6X Tips & Tricks

Honor 6X comes with a Dual Rear camera and Octa Core processor we have already posted Photo Gallery, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Honor 6X. In This post let's Check out Tips, Tricks and some of Hidden Features of Honor 6X.

Multi-window feature- Press and hold the multi-tasking button. The dual windows pop up. You can adjust the screen size of both windows too.

View Mode- Go to Settings- Display- View mode. There are 3 view modes: small, medium and large. By choosing a preferred mode you can adjust the font size and the amount of info available on screen.

How to Enable Floating dock Mode

Floating dock- Go to Settings- Smart assistance-Floating dock. This gives you major control on the screen and can be dragged to the left or right edges for easier access. Touch floating dock to quickly access Back, home, Recent task, Screen lock and more

Navigation bar- Go to Settings- Smart assistance- Navigation bar. And customize according to your wish.

How to enable One-hand UI- Go to Settings- Smart assistance- One hand UI. This shrinks and shifts the screen to one side and helps you reach all parts of the screen with the thumb.

Drag actions- Go to Settings-Notification panel and status bar- Drag actions. With this, you customize your notification panel and notification shortcuts.

How to Take Screenshot on Honor 6X - It is similar to most Android smartphones Press Power and Volume Down Button To Capture Screenshot Another easy way to do that is by dragging down the notification panel and then tapping on the Screenshot quick setting shortcut. This works even when one of your hardware buttons might be faulty and you wanted something on the screen itself.

How to setup Fingerprint security on Honor 6X

Go to Settings > Fingerprint ID and here you will find the option Fingerprint Management. Before getting here, you will be asked to set a PIN or Password. Once you set that, you will be able to add a fingerprint. Tap on “New fingerprint, speed ,” and you can then enroll the fingerprint by placing the finger on the sensor area on the back of the phone.

Honor 6X Fingerprint Scanner Functions

Fingerprint Scanner on Honor 6X can be used to Capture Photo/video, answer a call, Stop alarm, some of the Gesture available are slide down on the Fingerprint sensor to display notification panel. Swipe left or right on the Fingerprint scanner to browse photos. Fingerprint Scanner works fast and responsive

How to take blur photos on Honor 6X

Wide aperture shot is one of the best features of the Honor 6X.To take the pictures with a blurred background, you will have to use the Honor’s camera mode named “Wide aperture”, which shows up as a camera shutter icon on the side option panel. Tap on that and you will be able to take the pictures in that mode. Just remember that you have to take the picture where the subject has to be around 2 meters from the camera and an open background should also be there, in order to produce a blur effect.

How to Enable Gesture motion controls on Honor 6X

Go to Settings > Smart assistance, and under this, there are several options to setup. Tap on “Motion control” and there is one option called Flip. Here are the two things you can do under that – Mute incoming calls, and Mute timers and alarms. Just flipping the device around when you are getting a ringtone mutes it.

Voice Control – The Honor 6X has a feature for Quick calling. This feature helps quickly initiate calls where long pressing the Volume down button activates the voice feature and you can then say the name of the contact to make a quick call. You can set the speech command language and if you want the phone to voice broadcast the incoming calls, it will do that when the headset is connected.

How to share Wi-Fi connection on Honor 6X using Wi-Fi Bridge

The Honor 6X comes with a Wi-Fi bridge feature. It helps share the Wi-Fi connection with more devices. This comes to use when you want to share the Wi-Fi as a repeater, or are allowed to use only one device in the Hotel Wi-Fi connection. To use this feature, you will have to be connected to an active Wi-Fi network. Then in your Honor 6X, go to Settings and under the first network settings, tap on More. In the same “Tethering & portable hotspot” section, you will find the Wi-Fi bridge option. Activate it, and you can configure it to have an SSID and Password. A total of four devices can be connected to this.

How to reduce blue light on display for reading on Honor 6X

It filters out the harmful blue light and hence goes soft on your eyes by applying a yellow layer to the phone screen. Go to Settings > Display and then, tap on “Eye comfort”. As it reads in the page, “Eye comfort mode filters out blue light to relieve visual fatigue when you read for a long period of time.

How to Change Wallpaper &  home screen Layout on Honor 6X

Change Home screen style: You can choose to have the standard home screen style where multiple home screens with widgets, apps, and wallpaper are seen, or a simple one with large icons for important apps, and nothing else.

Setting up wallpaper: A wallpaper can be set from either the default set of pictures provided by the company or one from the Gallery that you have captured. To set up a wallpaper, just long press on any empty space on the home screen and there will be an option of Wallpaper, where it would first open the list of pre-loaded wallpapers, and an option of going to the Gallery and selecting an image to crop and set it as the wallpaper.

Home screen layout setup: The layout depends on the number of app icons you have in the rows and columns. To change the current layout, you will need to long press on the empty area of the home screen and then, tap on More settings to reach the further settings. The Home layout setting will have two options: 4×4 and 4×5. In the same section, you will be able to enable the option to “Shake and realign home screen icons”.

How to Display Notifications icon, Network Speed and More?

Go to setting -Notification panel & Status bar-  Enable Netwrok speed ,Battery status, carrier Name, Notifications icons

How to Reset Honor 6X?
Setting- Advanced settings- Backup & Rest

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