How to Disable Lock screen in Windows 10

Windows 10 is a latest Operating system. In this let's Find out how to Customize & disable Lock screen in Windows 10 when you first start using it but then quickly loses its luster the more you come across it. In the case of the Lock screen, the problem is that it forces you to take the extra step of dismissing it before you can sign in

If you’ve had to perform this extra task one too many times, and if you don’t find the Lock screen all that useful anyway, you can disable it. This means you don’t see the Lock screen when you start or lock your PC. Instead, Windows 10 takes you directly to the sign-in screen.   Follow these steps to disable the Lock screen:

    1.   In the taskbar’s Search box (or the Run dialog box; press Windows Logo+R), type  gpedit.msc  and then press Enter. The Local Group Policy Editor appears.

   2.   Open the Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, Control Panel, Personalization branch. The Personalization policies appear.
   3.   Double-click the Do Not Display the Lock Screen policy. The policy details appear.
   4.   Click Enabled.
   5.   Click OK. Windows 10 puts the new policy into effect

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