Xiaomi Redmi 4A : Tips ,Tricks,Pros & Cons

Xiaomi Redmi 4A is an affordable Redmi phone available in India priced at Rs 5999.We have already posted FAQ, Photo Gallery. Here are Tips, Tricks, Pros & Cons of Redmi 4A Smartphone. Most of the Tricks works with MIUI 8 supported devices.

FAQ Regarding MIUI 8/ Xiaomi Redmi 4A ( All Xiaomi Phones)

 How to Enable Connection speed in MIUI 8?
Go to settings- Notification & Status Bar - Enable Connection speed

How to Enable Screen Lock feature on Redmi 4A?
Go to Settings- Lock Screen & Password -Screen Lock- Choose screen lock- Pattern, PIN, Password

 How to Show Carrier Name in MIUI 8?
Go to settings- Notification & Status Bar - Enable Carrier Name

How to Enable Personal Hotspot?
Go to settings-Personal Hotspot- Enable- you can also set password

How to use IR Blaster on Redmi 4A?
You can control your electronics item like TV, AC and more with the help of Mi Remote App -Open  the app then select which you want to connect

Where is FM Radio, Calculator, Compass, Scanner, Recorder App?
It is available in tools folder

 How to show Battery Indicator in  MIUI 8?
Go to settings- Notification & Status Bar - Battery Indicator-  Graphical, percentage, Top Bar

How to enter Second Space?
Go to settings- Second Space - which let's use Two Apps

How to enable One-handed mode?
Go to Setting - Additional settings- Enable One handed mode

How to Take Screenshot?
Press Volume down + Power Button to take screenshot, U can also Slide three fingers to take screenshot -Settings - Additional settings- screenshot

How to get more battery life?
Disable Mobile Data when not in use, close Apps which are not used, Trun on Battery saver

How to reset Xiaomi Redmi 4A/ Any Xioami Phone?
Setting - Additional settings- Backup & Reset- Factory data reset

How to Change color of Notification Light of Redmi 4A?
Go to settings- Additional settings- Notification Light - Change

How to Change functions of Buttons?
Go to settings- Additional settings-Buttons- Recent, Home, Back you can change order

Change Lock Screen Wallpaper without unlocking device - while on Lockscreen touch icon near battery bar which let you change device lock screen without unlocking Phone

Double Tap to Wake Up: This lets user Double Tap on Display and Display Wake Up no need to use Power button to enable Go to setting-Display-Double Tap screen to Wake Up

Reading Mode: This Reduces display's background glare can be useful while reading for a long time also it can be used with other apps

Call recording MIUI 8 comes with inbuilt feature without having to install any apps. To enable this go to settings and select call recording option. Tap on “Record calls automatically” to enable this feature. You also have an option to record all numbers and selected numbers.

 Long screen shot-Now you can take a long screen shot of your chat/web page, just by scrolling at one go. First, take a screen shot by pressing Volume down + power button. Once done, open it and tap on the scroll option at the bottom and scroll down to take a long screenshot.

 Hide messaging & files- to open it, swipe the screen downwards till the private section appears. Now select the files/message, which you want to hide and tap on the hide option below. It’s worth mentioning that you can protect it by setting the password as well.

 Scheduled SMS to do this, open a new conversation page in the messaging app and tap on “+” on the left side. Now select “Timed” option and schedule it whenever you want.

Power Key to Hang Up: You can hang up the call just by pressing the power button instantly. To enable this feature, you need to go to System Settings -Additional Settings -Accessibility - Turn on the “Power button ends call” switch.

App Lock, Now you can apply lock separately on the Security Menu for selected apps. Tap the app lock option on the Security menu -> select the apps you want to lock -> Set the password. With this feature, you can either lock the apps separately or at one go.

Dual App For those, who needs two accounts on — WhatsApp, Facebook, and other apps, this feature will be helpful MIUI 8 comes with this features called as Dual Apps, where you have the possibility of creating two accounts on the same device. To enable this, go to Settings -> Dual Apps and select the apps for which you want to make another account. The second/cloned app will come with a small second space icon for easy. Below is Video how Dual App works.

Quick ball This let's use shortcut icons like Screenshot, Recent apps and more Go to setting- Additional settings- Quick ball -  Turn on Quick ball-

One- handed mode - Setting - Additional settings- One handed mode these let's use device in One Hand

Mi Mover which helps to transfer data from old phone to new Phone, Transfer Contacts, Message, photos, music and more, Easy to Pair

Pros and cons of  Xiaomi Redmi 4A


Display - Redmi 4A has 5-inch HD Display with 294PPI which produces good colors in outdoor conditions also.

IR Blaster - This is one of interesting feature available in Redmi 4A which cost just Rs 5999

VoLTE support,  Decent Camera


No backlit capacitive buttons

No Glass protection

No dedicated MicroSD card Slot.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A comes in Gold, Grey and Rose Gold color priced at Rs 5999 which is one best Phone in this price range. There is also Redmi 3S which cost Rs 6999 offers bigger battery and Octa Processor.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A review

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