Coolpad Note 5 Lite :Tips ,Tricks & Features

Coolpad launched Note 5 Lite in India which runs on Cool UI 8.0 based on Android Marshmallow No details when this device will get Nougat Update.Here are some Tips and Tricks that can be used with Cool UI this also works with Coolpad Note 5.

Coolpad Note 5 : Tips , Tricks & Features

Change Wallpaper by Shaking with Rock Wallpaper

 Coolpad Note 5 Lite lets you change the wallpapers just by shaking the phone. The built-in app called Rock Wallpaper does it. Just tap it once on the home screen to activate it and share the device. You can even change the wallpapers by tapping the Rock Wallpaper app multiple times. It is quite of a handy feature in Coolpad Note 5 when you don’t want to visit the settings and manually choose the wallpapers one by one.

 Lock Apps with Fingerprint Scanner

Like all the other Coolpad phones, Coolpad Note 5 comes with a feature that lets you lock the apps with the fingerprint scanner. Now lock the apps individually with your fingerprint, no wonder if you lock Facebook, WhatsApp, or Gallery, all your apps are secured.

Fingerprint Scanner

Coolpad Note 5 Lite fingerprint scanner can be also used to a Double tap of  Fingerprint Scanner to turn off the screen. Which Coolpad says Finger Touch here is the list of functions u can use with  Fingerprint Scanner on Note 5 Lite  Close Alarm - Press fingerprint scanner too close alarm when ringing. Video record - Press and Hold fingerprint scanner to start video recording also press and hold to stop it. Answer a Call - Use Fingerprint Scanner to answer a call. Use Fingerprint Scanner to record a call while on call. This may be not a new feature now available on all phones which have a fingerprint Scanner take Photos using Fingerprint Scanner.

 Scrolling Screenshots

You can get screen shot by pressing Volume + Power down. Coolpad Note 5 Lite offers such feature and it can be done with a simple trick. When you take screenshots, an option ‘Scroll Capture‘ appears. Tap it to take scrolling screenshot will appear. Hit next, next.. until you finish taking scrolling screenshot.

Block Ads from the Apps

If you are worried about an app showing you tons of useless adverts, scan with AD Block and block the ads from the apps.To block ads from the apps, go to Cool Manager -> Apps -> AD Block and scan. Forbid the apps you want that show you irrelevant ads.

Smart Control

Go to settings - Smart control- C button gives options like lock screen, mute, screenshot, home or back you don't need to go to setting once u enable it u can notice it on the side. Wake-Up Gesture - Double Tap to Wake, Slide to Unlock, Slide down to take photos, Draw C for Keypad, Draw e for Browser, Draw M for Music, Action and Screen - Misoperation prevention, Three finger screenshot.

How to enable Screen Recording
'Swipe up notification panel- enable Screen Recording- this will record video press power button to stop recording

Change Font Size, Wallpaper, Notification Light
Go to setting -Brightness & Display - Font Size, Indicator light

How to Display Battery percentage?
Go to settings- Battery & Storage- Show Battery percentage

Coolpad Note 5 Lite is priced at Rs 8199.

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