Google Project Treble announced for faster Android Updates

 Google has announced Project Treble, Starting with Android O, the OS is being re-engineered to make updates easier, faster, and less costly for manufacturers.

According to Google, there are several steps that a new Android release has to go through before it gets in the hands of users. First, it needs to be modified by the silicon manufacturers to make it run properly on their hardware, then device makers will have to customize it for their own devices, then it needs carrier testing and certification, then the roll out. All in all, it takes a few steps, but the whole process can take months to a year before devices receive the update.

With Project Treble, Google re-architects the Android OS to make it easier, faster and less costly for manufacturers to update devices to a new version. One of the methods is to separate the vendor implementation from the Android OS Framework, and creating a stable vendor interface.

The benefit is that whenever a new Android OS comes out, device makers can choose to deliver a new Android release to consumers by just updating the Android OS framework without any additional work required from the silicon manufacturers. What this means is that with Android O, device makers will be able to release new Android versions faster to existing devices.

Project Treble will be coming to all new devices launched with Android O and beyond. In fact, the new Project Treble architecture is already running on the Developer Preview of O for Pixel phones.Only Around 7% Phone now runs on Android Nougat

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