How to Root Android Mobile Phone Without PC

You own an android smartphone, and you are not satisfied with those old features? What to do now? I'm sure that these questions would definitely have been striking in your mind because you have to get the max out of your device now. All you have to do is just root the smartphone or device. There are various things you can do after rooting an android smartphone. There are many advantages of rooting an android smartphone. But how to root it?
How to Root Android Mobile Phone Without PC
Well Here, in this post you will read about a method which can be used to root android without PC. There are many methods on the internet which require a computer to root your android device, but today you will find a method where you just have to tap your screen and bang your phone is rooted.

Many of you are confused that rooting the phone will harm the device, void warranty, etc. Anyone would get these questions. I will try to answer all of them. You will not harm your android device after reading about how to root android without PC. Yes, it will void your warranty because you are tweaking with company software. There are many risks involved in rooting and using a rooted android device. You need some experience to understand the capability of a rooted device because you can even start hacking into networks with rooted devices.

 How to root android without PC?

We will use kingroot app to root your device. This app is a really famous app, and it is a great method to root your android device without PC. This method is completely safe, and the app is free to download. Kingroot is a tool made for lazy people like me who wants to take maximum from everything without any hassle.  This app is developed by a young team, and it is working for android version 2 to 5.0, and it works on almost all devices.

 The process of rooting android device is really intimidating for many users, and all of you are scared that you will screw your mobiles and will lose warranty as we discussed it above.

Now you will find the step-by-step method to root android device without PC.

1. First of all, download King Root app from here.
2. Once the download is finished click on install. (You may get error or notification that this app is harmful to your device, it is not harmful. It asks for some permission which makes it blacklisted by the android OS.)

3. You will get an error of installation blockage by Google services. Just click on more details then click on Install anyway (unsafe).
4.  Now open the app and make sure you have stable and active internet connection.
5.  Once the app is launched click on Try It on the main user interface.
6. Then just click on get now to start rooting process.
7. This process will take a few minutes, depending on your device and your internet speed.
8.  Wait till the app shows any progress.
9.   If everything is alright, then you will get the message that your device is rooted successfully.

10. Now, download root checker app from Google Play Store and open it.
11. Click on check root status, and you will get a popup that your device is rooted!

 Bang! Your device is finally rooted. This process hardly takes two or three minutes to root your android without PC and also it is safe. While rooting your device through PC, there are chances that you will brick your smartphone and mess everything. But using this method, you will do it easily, and this method is 100% safe because there are no chances or hard bricking your android device.

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  1. In the best case scenario, thieves could use the phone's contact list to sell to mass marketing firms or the growing market of data brokers found on the internet.