Mobile Gaming Takes Over PC And Console Gaming In Terms Of Revenue

As we all know in terms of gaming there used to be a war against consoles and PC. The war didn’t end there now there comes mobile’s which can support and features a lot more.
Mobile Gaming Takes Over PC And Console Gaming In Terms Of Revenue
We know that the amount to buy a console or a PC with more features is a lot more than that of buying a smartphone which has quite lot features then Pc and console. Smartphones let us play anytime anywhere on the go. Sensor’s gives us the real feel of playing and more. We know that to build or to buy a PC with a lot more features and lot more compatibilities costs more than a high featured smartphone. Though consoles are not that expensive but they lack the addition functionalities that PC and smartphones have.

Yes, we are aware that console gaming is better than PC and mobile gaming but still console lack additional functionalities. Though consoles were made for gaming but there use and game development for the console has decreased with regards to PC and mobiles.

Game development for different platform

In a case of game development is consensus mobile game development have kept PC and console game development behind. Although game developed for smartphones with regards graphics and performance comparable to PC and console games. Some of the video game lovers also play online roullete games, but the amount of time, money and efforts which are invested in PC and console gaming are not worth the time, money and efforts in mobile gaming.


Yes, it’s true that the amount of profit earned by mobile/smartphone gaming is comparatively more than PC and console gaming. It’s just because we see in today’s world most of the population has a smartphone with them. It’s not that we have a smartphone some of us can’t live a second without their phone that’s the reason why mobile games are more profitable than PC and consoles but the amount of graphics and satisfaction this PC and console games give are awesome that the reason most of the games never quite there console or PC gaming.

 Level of development
We already talked about it that PC and console games are far more advance then mobile games but still, most of us have moved from PC to smartphones. Most of us may be knowing the quality of the games on PC and consoles. For example

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Half-Life, Call of duty, GTA, etc.

Middle-earth, Dark souls, Far cry, and others.

Geometry war 3, Clash of clan, Minecraft and others.

Mobile game quality is improving as the smartphone technology is on a rapid advancement. With Day by Day Increase in VR with Games inbuilt which can be Played using Phone. Most of Now use Mobile Phone rather than PC or Gaming Console.  PC Gaming revenue has been down as we have seen growth in Mobile games all over the world.

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