The Light Phone is a credit card-sized phone used to make and receive calls

The Light Phone is a credit-card size cell phone is designed to be used as little as possible, and primarily function as a secondary device

The Light Phone works independently of your phone plan, but Light’s software platform allows you to use your current phone number to make and receive calls. Light provides the SIM card for this purpose and charges users a monthly fee of $5 in the US. International users currently cannot make use of this facility and will need to use their own SIM card with the device.

Light Phone is a simple device that lets you make and receive calls, store up to nine phone numbers on speed dial and tell the time. These are the only available features – the device doesn’t allow for texting, e-mail or anything else. It is a standalone offering that comes with a nano-SIM card slot, 2G GSM network support, three days of standby time, a speaker, a small OLED display, a power key, a micro USB port and a keypad.

Specifications of the Phone

Color:  Matte White, or Matte Black
Weight:  38.5 grams
Processor:  Qualcomm 8208
Display:  OLED
Battery:  2-4 Days Standby / 45-90 Minutes Talk
SIM Card:  Nano SIM
Connector:  Micro USB
Language:  English

The Light Phone can be placed in a wallet, just like a credit card. The phone comes in black and white huesNow, the device is up for pre-order to all users for $150

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