Android O could be called Oatmeal Cookie

In developer preview 3 it was confirmed that Android O will be  Android 8.0 now has found references to ‘oc-dev’ in the source code of Android O Developer Preview running on a Google Pixel smartphone, which suggests that the next Android version could be called Oatmeal Cookie instead of Oreo

The Android 8.0 source code has several references to ‘oc-dev’. The second piece of evidence that corroborates the latest theory comes from this year’s Google I/O presentation. The sample code that was used in a presentation slide during the event had mentions of “oatmeal-cookie”. This is an indication that the search titan is at least thinking of ‘Oatmeal Cookie’ as a potential candidate for Android 8.0’s final name.

Android O brings several new features such as notification channels, PIP, adaptive icons, along with some of the new APIs — autofill, font resources in XML, auto sizing TextView, WebView enhancements, and more.

Android 8.0 Stable build release in Q3 2017.Nokia 3,5,6, OnePlus 3/3T OnePlus5, Galaxy S8 and more Phones will be getting Android O Update.

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