Dysco : A new generation networking App

Dysco, a new generation networking app created by young sibling duo Mishal and Khrisha Shah aims to create a platform that’s designed to make professional networking as easy as social.

Today, consultants, entrepreneurs, freelancers, professionals from all backgrounds are either looking to be discovered or looking to discover others; Dysco, short for ‘Discover’ fills in this gap.

Dysco allows people to create a professional identity, showcase their work, and network virtually. On Dysco, users can collaborate with like-minded people, hire them, create exciting opportunities together or decide to have coffee!

When asked how it compares with existing platforms, Co Founder, Khrisha Shah says, “As opposed to others, Dysco is focussed on hyperlocal networking. Everything you interact with on Dysco is geared to what is around you the content, people and job opportunities are ones that you have a high likelihood of interacting and engaging with. Dysco replicates the way in which millennials interact and advertise themselves today. It's not corporate and limiting, but it's a place where you can be creative and innovative.”

To begin with, it operates across 20 different industries including Tech & Innovation, Food & Beverage, Architecture and Interiors, Blogging & Styling, Fitness & Health, Photography & Film, Fashion & Jewellery, and Art & Design. The founders firmly believe that professional networking shouldn’t be limited to a person’s current industry, enabling those on Dysco to form cross-industry connections as well.

Vanshaj Kapur, Founder of Bold Creative – a design agency, who was a part of their Beta Testing says, “I am constantly looking for great talent to join my team, or brands who I can pitch my ideas to, or even just fellow design entrepreneurs to understand industry trends, Dysco made this easy. Profiles are fun and interactive; we can put up all kinds of multimedia, which in my area is so important. I can see this app changing the way we connect professionally.”

As a hybrid platform, Dysco is slated to roll out on web, iOS and Android by August 2017. It is founded by siblings Mishal (COO; Co-Founder) who has a background in International Business, and Khrisha Shah (CEO &Co-Founder), with a background in political economy. The app is currently in beta and you can visit the website to sign up for it.

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