Moto E4 Plus Tips,Tricks, Pros and Cons

Moto launched E4 and Moto E4  Plus in India priced at Rs 8999 and Rs 9999. We have already posted FAQ and Photo Gallery. Here are Tips tricks which can be used with Moto E4  Plus also  Pros and Cons.
Moto E4 Plus Tips,tricks, Pros and Cons

One-hand mode
Moto E4 Plus Tips,tricks, Pros and Cons

Open the Moto app and proceed to Moto action enable Shrink Screen, Swipe down in any direction to make the screen smaller which will let you use the phone in one hand mode.  it can be turned-on by simply swiping up, left or right on the screen and the screen will be small screen will be displayed depending on which direction you swipe

One button nav
Moto E4 Plus Tips,tricks, Pros and Cons

Unlike Moto G5 series, Moto E4 and  Moto G5 Plus feature on-screen navigation keys. With the new One button nav feature on the Moto E4 and E4 Plus though, you can easily hide the navigation bar to expand the effective viewing area. The feature makes use of the fingerprint scanner in the front for navigating around the UI, with a swipe to the left on the scanner acting as a back button while a right swipe will bring up the Recent apps view. Tapping on the scanner will make it act like a home button.

Moto Display
Moto E4 Plus Tips,tricks, Pros and Cons

Night Display - Based on the time of the day in your location  your Screen automatically Change color to warmer tones

Moto Display - this shows notifications on the display you can also reply back to messages, To unlock the Phone drag finger up starting near the lock icon at the bottom of the display, swipe right to left to ignore all notifications

Home Screen Rotation
Moto E4 Plus Tips,tricks, Pros and Cons

Click on Display- Setting- Allow Home Screen Rotation.

Adoptable Storage

Can Format MicroSD card and Use it as Internal storage. Moto E4 Plus comes with 32GB of internal storage out of Which around 24GB available for the user. MicroSD support up to 32GB.

How to Change Wallpaper?
Setting -Display- Wallpaper

How to Open Camera App faster?
Double Click on Power button opens camera to enable this go to setting-Display- enable Press power button twice for camera.

How to Enable Hotspot on Moto E4 Plus?
Setting- More-Wireless & Network-tethering & enable portable hotspot

How to use Jio VoLTE on Moto E4 Plus?

How to Setup Fingerprint Scanner on Moto E4 Plus?

How to take Screen Shot on Moto E4 Plus?
Press Volume Down+ Power button at the Same Time.

How to enable Multi window mode ?
you can select another app from your recent apps list to occupy the other half. To exit, simply drag the resize bar all the way up or down, or tap and hold the recent apps button again.

How to enable Vibrate for Phone calls?
Go to setting -sound- enable also vibrate for calls

How to Enable Battery Saver?
swipe down notification panel, select battery enable battery saver can also enable by going to setting- Battery -Battery Saver

How to enable Guest account on Moto Phones?
Go to Setting-Users- Enable Guest profile

How to Backup and Rest Moto Phones?
Go to setting -Backup & Reset - Factory Data Reset


MicroSD slot
5000mAh Battery
Design & Build
Selfie Flash
Android 7.1.1
Rapid charge


Average camera
Priced higher
Not all Moto Apps support

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  1. Moto E4 Plus does not come with 32Gb internal storage. It comes with 16Gb. I added a 32Gb SD card to get 48Gb, so that's plenty, at least for me.

  2. How to wake up screen on double tap in Motoe4 plus