EaseUS Data recovery wizard – Your best solution for recovering lost files from memory card

EaseUS Data recovery wizard – Your best solution for recovering lost files from memory card
The very fact that you are visiting this page itself means you have lost some data and looking for ways to recover your data. In fact, thereare several alternatives available in the software sphere for recovering the lost data. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizardis one such able application that has gained a name and fame for itselffor quite some time of late. How can EaseUS Data recovery Wizard help you recover data from your memory card? We will discuss the tool with a special emphasis on memory card data recovery.

EaseUS Data recovery Wizard- An Overview

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a premium service for recovering your lost data. However, it also has a free version for the budget minded. free data recovery software offers you a total recovery of up to 2 GB. However, if you have lost data that amounts for over 2 GB, you may need to opt for the paid option.

We would, in fact, recommend a free data recovery software as it can handle most of your regular requirements. It can be used to recover data under several conditions from your PC, Laptop, or even the removable drives. The simple three-step procedure should suit even the newbies. To put it straight, you do not need to be a technical expert in the arena of data recovery to be able to use the tool.

The Feature Set 

The EaseUS Data recovery Wizard comes with an impressive set of features that would make it an enviable choice for almost all your data recovery needs. Some of them are –

• Use It On Multiple Devices – A single app for all your needs. Use it on your hard drive, SSD, memory card, USB drives, or even servers.
• Recover Data from All Situations –It can handle data deletion under different condition. Whether the data is deleted due to accidental deletion, asudden crash, formatting, virus attacks, Loss of partition and hard drive failure – it supports all.
Easy and Simple Recovery Procedure – EaseUS recovers your lost data in just a few steps with ease. The quick scan and deep scan features make it an aggressive data recovery tool.

How To Use EaseUS To Recover Data From Memory Card
memory card recovery is another area that EaseUS excels. Memory cards are always delicate and susceptible to damages and data losses. EaseUS Data recovery helps you in such extremities.
The tool works with all sorts of file formats and types of cards. Whether you have an SD, SDHC or even an SDXC card – you should be able to recover data from all of them easily. It covers all situations like memory card format, virus attacks, the RAW issues or crashes.

Install the software on your PC and connect the memory card from which you want to recover data. Now click on Scan. The software will begin scanning your card instantly. Your card will be scanned through a Quick Scan and then it will be followed with a Deep Scan. Once the scan is completed, you are presented with a list of the files that can be recovered. You can preview the files you want and then click on Recover to recover the chosen files.

In Conclusion
EaseUS is a leader in the data recovery arena. The Data recovery wizard from them is indeed a great app that does everything that you are looking for in a tool. Though the service is available as a paid application as well, we would recommend you use the free version. In fact, the free variant should suit most of your needs. You may need to opt for the pro version only if you have your data recovery requirement over 2 GB.

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