OPPO F5 Tips, Tricks, Pros & Cons

Oppo F5 is company's latest smartphone F Series. Oppo F5 comes with a 20MP front-facing camera and runs on Color OS 3.2 based on Android 7.1.1 Nougat. Here are Tips, Tricks, Pros & cons of Oppo F5 Smartphone.
OPPO F5 Tips, Tricks, Pros & Cons

Some Tips Tricks will be similar to other oppo Phones which runs on Android Marshmallow or older.

1)How to enable Battery Percentage?
A) Go to Settings - Notifications & Status Bar -Enable Battery Percentage

2) How to Enable Network Speed?
A) Go to Settings - Notifications & Status Bar -Show Network Speed

3) How to Show Carrier Info?
A) Go to Settings - Notifications & Status Bar -Enable Carrier Info

4) How to Enable Hotspot?
A) Go to Settings - other wireless connections- enable your personal hotspot

5)How to change font size?
A) Go to Settings - Display & Brightness -Font Size

6) How to Customize LockScreen Magzine & Wallpaper?
A)  Go to Settings - Display & Brightness - Enable Lockscreen magazine which let you select photos or change the wallpaper.

7)How to use Night Shield?
A)  Go to Settings - Display & Brightness - Enable Night Shield - You can change display in color, Black and white, nighttime reading

8) How to enable Vibrate on Ring or Silent?
A)  Go to Settings - sound &Vibration-Vibrate on Ring/Silent

9)How to Enable Fingerprint Scanner or Face Unlock?
Check out video below

10) How to Lock Apps on Oppo F5?
A)  Go to Settings -Security- App locks which let you choose which app to lock or not can be unlocked with Passcode or Fingerprint Scanner.

11) How to enable Power Saving mode?
A)  Go to Settings - Battery  -Enable Power Saving mode, You can Also enable from the Notification panel.

12) How to Change Navigation Keys?
A)  Go to Settings - Additional settings - Navigation key- which lets you hide and Change navigation key

13) How to Backup & Reset?

14) How to use Dual Apps?
A) Go to settings- Clone Apps- select Enable App Cloning

15) Gestures & Motion
A) Go to settings-Gesture & Motion- there are Screen-off Gestures, Gesture ScreenShot, Smart Call

16) Split Screen -Hold down multitask button to use Multiple Apps

How to Use OTG on Oppo F5?


Dedicated MicroSD Slot


No 4K support
Plastic body
No USB Type C
No Fast Charge
Higher Price

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