LG announces Serving robot, Porter robot and Shopping cart robot at CES 2018

LG is expanding its robot product line and accelerating its robot business. With a launch of new concept robot 3, including Serving robot, Porter robot and Shopping cart robot, at the world's largest IT and consumer electronics exhibition 'CES 2018'.
LG announces Serving robot, Porter robot and Shopping cart robot  at CES 2018

 "Serving Robot" is equipped with sliding shelves that come out of the shelf in the body. It provides 24-hour service to hotel guests who want room service or airport lounge visitors who need drinks.

 "Porter Robot" not only carries luggage but also can check in and check out. Hotel guests can pay for and check out the robot's automatic payment system without visiting the hotel counter.

"Shopping Cart Robot" is useful in large supermarkets. When a customer places a barcode reader on a robot-mounted barcode reader, the robot's display shows the inventory of the cart and the price. In addition, this robot works with a smartphone, and when a customer selects a smartphone to buy a product, the robot displays the item on the display.

Meanwhile, LG Electronics will also launch the brand 'CLOi', which collectively refers to the robot portfolio through the exhibition. 'Chloe' refers to 'CLever' and 'CLose' operating intelligence '. The image that LG Electronics Service Robot pursues is 'a companion to think for itself in everyday life, to communicate with customers and to provide convenience'.

LG Electronics announced that it will foster robot business as future growth engine in connection with smart home last year, and has continued to show robots products based on artificial intelligence and autonomous driving technology.

Robot portfolio has added three new robots to its existing guide robots, cleaning robots, lawn mower robots and home robots. In particular, pilot robots and cleaning robots have successfully demonstrated pilot service at Incheon International Airport last year and proved robotic technology capability and business capability.

Lee Hye-jung, managing director of LG Electronics' H & A Smart Solutions Business, emphasized, "We will build a robotic portfolio that provides real convenience from the customer's point of view and systematically develop the robot business."

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