Asus Zenfone 5Z Tips, Tricks, Hidden Features

Asus Zenfone 5Z runs on Android 8.0 Oreo with ZenUI 5.0. Zen UI comes with many customizations Here are  Tips, Tricks, Hidden features, Pros & Cons of Zenfone 5Z Smartphone.

How to Enable or Disable Blink light?
You can enable or Disable Notification Light for Apps To enable go toSettings- App& Notification -Blink Light

How to Enable AudioWizard
You can find AudioWizard in Notification Panel or Settings- Sound- Audio Wizard

How to Enable or Disable Dail-pad, Touch Sound
Go to Settings-Sound- other Sounds

How to enable Battery Percentage in Status Bar?
Go to Settings-Battery- Show Battery percentage

Battery Modes
Go to Settings-Battery-Power master- Battery Modes include performance, Normal, Power saving, Super Saving

How to Hide Notch
Go to Settings-Display-Hide Notch

How to Change Navigation Bar
Go to Settings-Display- Navigation Bar you can change Button Layout, Recent App button, Hide Navigation Bar

How to Change Wallpaper?
A) Pinch on Screen- Select wallpapers / Go to Settings- Wallpapers & Themes

Q) How to Setup Face unlock?
A) Go to Settings- Security & lock screen - Face recognition- register you face- Setup your face data. Used to unlock the device or To Show notification on the Lock Screen

Q) Fingerprint Scanner Setup & Working?
A) Go to Settings- Security & lock screen - Fingerprint, You can add up to fingerprints

Q) How to Use Twin Apps
A)Go to Settings- Advanced- Twin Apps

Q) How to use App lock & Hide Apps?

Game Genie

With Game Genie, one can record and stream the live gaming actions to the various social media platforms. To enable Game Genie to go to Settings > Advanced > Game Genie


To enable go to Settings > Advanced > ZeniMoji

AI Feature

Go to Settings > Advanced >  AI Features- OptiFlex  makes App launch faster, Suggest Apps you can notice Apps below as shown in Image, AI Charging, Smart Screen On, AI Ringtone adjust ringtone volume according to the noise level


Touch Gesture, Motion Gesture, Gesture on Dark Screen

OneHand Mode

Double Tap the Home Key to activate the One hand Mode

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