LG unveils 88-inch 8K LG OLED TV

LG at IFA 2018 in Berlin has introduced the world’s first 8K (7680 x 4320) OLED TV  It features over 33 million self-emitting pixels offering the best contrast ratio and true blacks.

LG did not reveal any details about the TV but said that it will continue to increase the OLED share in its premium TV portfolio and drive large-scale consumer adoption of OLED TVs. Even though 8K TV market is not big currently, it is expected to grow to more than 5 million units by 2022.

“Despite advancements in LCD field, OLED has been often referred to as the “next-generation display technology” because it emits its own light, eliminating the need for any kind of backlighting. This allows for state-of-art TVs which redefine both the picture quality and the product design. Not only was LG able to pioneer such technologies, but it was also able to successfully market them,” said LG.

Brian Kwon, president of LG Home Entertainment Company, said:LG’s first 8K OLED TV is the pinnacle of technological achievement and the next evolutionary step in display technology. 4K OLED played a major role in reshaping TV industry and LG is confident that 8K OLED will do the same.

The 88-inch 8K LG OLED TV will be showcased at IFA 2018 in Berlin.
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