How to Make your life paperless using Apps and Gadgets

Profit making is the aim of any business, and that can only be done when you cut cost. The easiest way as a business venture to cut cost in modern times is by deciding to go paperless. Going paperless will be advantageous for the business in many ways than you can imagine. Firstly, it will help you put all your operations in one folder, thus helping you cut cost. Secondly, it is also good for the environment. Whether you are just starting or you have been in the business for long, going paperless comes with a lot of benefits.  

How to go paperless?

Sometimes switching over to a paperless office seems a bit complex; however, with the development of certain apps, switching to a paperless office has become easier. Your usage of paper gradually declines when you start making use of these applications.

Google Drive

This is one of the landmark apps over the years. It is an online store that allows creating new files at your convenience. One of the best features of this app is that documents can be edited and formatted by anyone without printing the documents out. It helpsbusiness ventures in that it makes it possible for employers and employees keep up with development and updates at work without going through the stress of attaching files to mail being exchanged back and forth between one another.

Dropbox Paper

This is another storage site like Google Drive, created to make you save up your documents and resources. It is quite unique from Google Drive as it does not allow collaborative work.

Dropbox has developed a tool in recent times to manage documents.  Like Google Drive, it is one of the easiest ways to manage yourdocuments on the go.


Getting used to working without paper might seem a difficult process for people just starting. They tend to find a way to make use of paper or even save them up.

However, with Scanbot, you can clear out those papers on your desk by scanning and trashing them.

All you need to make use of Scanbot is the camera of whether your iOS and Android phones. Store all of your documents and files covering your workspace as PDF in an online storage system such as Google Drive, or DropBox.


This is one example of a notebook app. This app is an advancement on the to-do list app. When you are faced with saving and structuring your work, the notebook app can be of valuable assistance to you. You can start a notebook based on sub-lists and theme in different notebooks. It saves us the luxury of time, as it keeps the information needed within our grasp, and it also helps us start or finish notes on a topic when it is suitable for.

Take, for instance, having a notebook tagged as 'House' where you have a shopping list-type, another with the measurements of your children (shoe and cloth size), another one where you record the dates of meals with friends, those present and having a record of the menu.
Or one can also have a notebook tagged as "Gifts" in which you class all your ideas that would please everyone, but also what you offered the previous Christmas to your cousin or your brother-in-law.

It should be noted that in the notebook application, it is not only meant for text, pictures, and even a sound note if you are driving can also be stored.

Some notebooks can be shared with others when you have a common interest.If you like to take notes all the time, this app can be beneficial. Let us examine the GoodNotes as a contact point for other notebooks. This notebook offers devices the feeling of using a paper  — allowing you to possess handwritten notes in different forms such as PDF, PowerPoint, Word documents, and in a photo. GoodNotes possess loads of benefits apart from being a piece of paper on a device. 

The apps' interface consists of tools for illustrating, handwriting, shape making, highlighting, inserting sound notes, and pictures. GoodNotes also possess in its arsenal loads of paper formats for you to take notes on. So if you are contemplating how you will write with a musical staff, grids, lines or blank styled pages, GoodNotes is the best option for you. You can also design your paper format based on your taste when making use of GoodNotes. 

Following this discussion, one can say that a notebook app will make you stay away from paper.


One of the most important thing about every business organisations is that they all keep track of their finances. 

Companies now make use of modern accounting applications to keep records.
One of such apps is Quickbook. This is an app for keeping track of your finances and it offers multiple solutions for record keeping issues. 

Monitoring your expenses, sitting out invoices, making payment online and saving the receipt are some of the features of QuickBooks. Another important feature of this app is that it helps you to verify your business statement of account at your convenience. QuickBooks is also used to provide report and review on the financial activities of an organization as a result of the array of data it stores.


This is an app designed specifically for business ventures looking to go paperless. All you need is a smartphone or tablet to starting working with this app to make work orders, certification, and reports. This app also functions effectively without the use of the internet. It helps to store data. Your documents can be stored and organized in a single folder online to cut usage of paper.

The calendar app

Although people tend to find it very difficult to abandon their faithful paper diary and its inseparable mechanical pencil with eraser for its electronic version. However, once the eye is used to the presentation, the app calendar is a marvel: it allows you to note everything in one place (personal or professional agenda), to easily move an appointment, to add all the facts (and to find them: address, even map of the district, code ...). The agenda is available everywhere, and it reminds you of your appointments in advance, those that are recurring (very useful for birthdays!) And most importantly, it can be shared. Your spouse can no longer pretend to have forgotten your cadet's appointment at the dentist's - or your best friends dance show: if you shared the event with him,

What to choose?: The inevitable Google calendar, CalenGoo, aCalendar or Jorte

To-do list application

The famous for doing list (or to-do list) has its modern version. Forget the post-it notes and other scribbled and crumpled papers at the bottom of your bag. To better organize your time, nothing like planning and prioritizing what you have to do. As for the agenda, the app reminds you of your deadlines. It is possible to make lists by themes or targeted on a specific event which allows to cut a project or a goal into several sub-actions - and not do not forget anything. A real job of the project manager! Not to mention the most enjoyable function in a list: the ability to block a task as soon as it is completed.

They are very operational: Wunderlist and AnyDo.


The following apps listed above can assist us in our lives and businesses to reduce the usage of paper to save costs and increase profits. These apps are ready to assist you to switch from a paper-based style to a paperless work swiftly.

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