MediaTek Helio P65 goes official with 48MP Camera Support

MediaTek at MWC has introduced MediaTek Helio P65 Chipset using 12nm process technology, mobile game, and camera experience

MediaTek, the Helio P65 chipset integrates two powerful Arm Cortex-A75 CPUs and six Cortex-A55 processors into a cluster of large shared L3 caches, the GPU is the Arm G52. MediaTek said the overall performance of the Helio P65 has increased by 25% compared to competing products using the older generation of eight-core architecture.

Helio P65 uses an eight-core architecture, integrates two ARM Cortex-A75 CPUs, operates at up to 2 GHz, six Cortex-A55 processors, and operates at 1.7 GHz. The eight-core cluster system shares a large L3 cache. In addition, MediaTek’s heterogeneous computing technology CorePilot can achieve intelligent task scheduling, intelligent temperature control management, user habit monitoring, etc. to ensure the reliability and consistency of its performance, thus giving users upgraded gaming experience.

In addition, the Helio P65 has built-in voice wake-up capabilities and is optimized for platform size and power usage. MediaTek also separates the audio channels of voice commands and phones from the media and games.

The Helio P65 supports dual cameras up to 16 + 16MP, and unlike other mainstream smartphones, the Helio P65 supports the popular 48MP (4-unit) camera in addition to multiple cameras. The Helio P65 offers a variety of hardware accelerators, including a professional-grade depth engine for professional-grade Bokeh effects; Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) technology and Rolling Curtain Compensation (RSC) technology for capturing ultra-fast motion or panoramas up to 240fps The distortion (Jello effect) video can be subtly compensated when shooting; and when the ambient lighting conditions suddenly change, the camera control unit (CCU) can implement the exposure self-adjustment ( Instant AE) to adjust the focus exposure more quickly. Capturing up to 240fps for ultra-fast motion or panoramic shooting, you can subtly distort (Jello effect) video, and when the ambient lighting conditions suddenly change, the camera control unit (CCU) can achieve exposure self-adjustment ( Instant AE) for faster Adjust the focus exposure.

The Helio P65 is equipped with an upgraded inertial navigation engine that officially claims to be more accurately positioned when driving indoors, underground or in a tunnel. The Helio P65 can be placed in any position due to its ability to clearly identify the position. The Helio P65 supports dual 4G Volte for voice and video call quality, faster connectivity, more reliable coverage and lower power consumption. In addition, 802.11ac connectivity provides fast Wi-Fi performance, while Bluetooth/Wi-Fi coexistence simplifies product design and ensures reliable performance for the user.

Compared to the previous generation, the Helio P65’s AI performance is up to 2x, while its AI camera tasks such as object recognition (Google Lens), smart album classification, scene detection, image segmentation, background removal and portrait shooting, etc. The AI processing speed is 30% faster than competing products.

MediaTek Helio P65 is now in volume production and the finished product will be available in July.

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